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Unbelievable Secret Stash of Mopars Hidden for Decades

This is a series of videos from Auto archaeology showing that these muscle car rarities are still tucked away around the country just waiting to be restored. There is a lot to choose from here. Mainly Mopar’s with a few Fords and other types thrown in, but the main thing is the incredible stash of cars that are just begging to be restored.
As you can see in the second video, it’s not always in barns or remote areas. Some are tucked away in the back of old showrooms. Here you have Cudas, a Daytona, a ’68 Hemi Superbee, etc…. The list goes on. Cars you would have thought would have been restored years ago.

It almost seems remarkable that cars that have such potential value have been left for decades, but these vehicles easily become just part of the furniture and landscape, until the owners forget about their potential.
It’s not until guys like Auto Archaeology come along and remind the owners, that interest picks up again.

It’s a reminder to everybody out there. Check out these old barns and ask around. You never know, you may just come across a rarity such as the ones you see here.

Part 1.

Part 2

Part 3


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