Top 5 Rat Rods On The Road Today

While hot rods are special, rat rods are an even more special hot rod.

Usually built to imitate or exaggerate the styling of hot rods from the 1940s through the 1960s, rat rods are made to look unfinished in order to replicate the moonshine running cars from back in the day that had to be FAST without looking fast.

These are the top 5 rat rods you just might see on the road today

1930 Ford coupe rat rod

1. Just how fast is this 1930 Ford coupe rat rod? Well, it is powerful enough that its builder and owner decided it was a good idea to transport it from Vancouver, Canada to the Bonneville salt flats to give it a true test and to also share it with the world at the Salt Festival.

We agree, that was a great idea!

Big Mamma rat rod

2. The Big Mamma rat rod has got to be the most powerful-looking rat rod I have ever seen. And, if it is not, it definitely has the fattest blower I have ever seen anywhere.

It kind of reminds me of that dinosaur steak that tips over Fred Flinstone’s car.

Volkswagen Beetle rat rod

3. Hmmm… I am kind of ashamed to say that this just might be my favorite rat rod of all. After all, it ain’t ever day you see a classic Volkswagen Beetle rat rod, is it.

This dang beast is chopped and slapped and dirtier than my last girlfriend! It deserves a role in George Miller’s next futuristic flick.

rat rod truck and trailer and motorcycle

4. This rat rod train is the trifecta of the rat rod world with its chopped and slammed rat rod pickup truck, rat rod trailer, and rat rod chopper.

Whoever built these three rat rods sure knows his way around a rusted wrench.

1932 North Carolina Prison Bus NC Rat Rod Prison Bus

5. Listen, I ain’t got no plan of heading to prison, no how! But, if I ever do find myself on that side of a felony conviction I sure hope my ride to the Big House is in a prison bus as spooky cool as is this 1932 North Carolina Prison Bus, the infamous “NC Rat Rod Prison Bus.”


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