At the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show, Russian company Yo Otto presented Russia’s first hybrid car – the yell mobile concept. This very attractive automobile has one of the most innovative door designs in the industry. In a futuristic display of engineering, the doors slid diagonally up
and backwards through the vehicle, exiting to either side of the rear of the roof the doors actually bent and morphed into insect-like wings. When the doors closed the beetle style wings disappeared back into the vehicle as the doors slid back through the car and into place.
This stunning machine is the Resvani Beast Alpha. A wicked 6-speed 500 horsepower vision of driving insanity from California-based res Bonnie motors. It’s supercar looks have already achieved broad appeal and it’s 175 mile per hour top speed helped make this dream coupe a just what it is – a beast. The Alpha does have a few unique attributes different from its compatriot, the res vaunted beast it’s removable target op for one, but even cooler are at spectacular patented Sidewinder doors. While most supercars feature gull wing or scissor doors the Alfa’s doors pop out and swing forward in a stunning show of creative design. Opening the doors does widen, the car’s footprint care must be taken when parking close to other vehicles.
More insane car doors in the video:

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