Top 10 Passenger Drones Available

What a crazy compilation! 10 Mindblowing Flying Vehiles that actually exist and are available.

You’ve been dreaming about this since you were a little kid your – own personal air transportation.

Passenger drone

Taking autonomous to the sky, input your destination on the touchscreen and passenger drone takes you where you want to go: safely, quickly and in comfort . The two-seater passenger drones high performance electric motors run quietly and smoothly for relaxed ride with a spectacular bird’s-eye view. The passenger drone is engineered for safety and designed for comfort. The dreamers at passenger drone are highly motivated engineers programmers and designers who put their passion and the latest technology into this flying machine. It’s completely autonomous, easy to use touchscreen gets you into the air and on your way in minutes. Sixteen individually powered rotors provide incredible stability and safety.

Scorpion 3

Forget cycling, these guys are taking it to the next level, literally. Russian engineers have crafted a hover bike which they dubbed the Scorpion 3. It’s made to ride with all the ease of your standard dirt bike, but in case you haven’t noticed, the bikes chassis seems to be mounted to a drone. It’s capable of reaching speeds of 30 miles per hour and an altitude of 33 feet. The machine can stay airborne for half an hour on one charge. It might look like the stuff of James Bond, but it could be yours for somewhere in the region of a hundred and twenty thousand pounds, and there are even plans for it to be used for everyday purposes, if perhaps you fancy a new way to commute.

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