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This Video Showing How 1955 Chevrolet’s Are Made From Raw Resources To Finished Products Is Awesome

We’ve got this 30 minute video starting just past halfway so that you are seeing how 1955 Chevrolet’s are made from iron ore all the way through driving to the mall, but if you have the 30 minutes to watch you should start it at the beginning to see how all the raw materials of the country end up making something we all know and love, the 1955 Chevy.

This video is a testament to the hard work, development, engineering, and passion that America was forged from. It truly is awesome. Special moments in this video include the iron ore being made into steel and bumpers being formed, ground, polished, and chromed, bodies being dropped on finished chassis, and our favorite the forging of crankshafts.

We’re talking giant sticks of molten steel being manhandled by one guy with some kind of handle, while another guy keeps it hot with a giant torch, and all the while some GIANT forge is pounding the ever loving hell out of the thing. You’ll rewind it several times. We did.

If you don’t talk to your computer several times while watching this video then we will be surprised. Check it out.

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