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This BMW M1 Was Abandoned in an Italian Garage for 34 Years

The BMW M1’s development was started in Italy by Lamborghini, finished in Italy by a bunch of former Lamborghini employees working next door to the factory, and reached final production in Germany. Yet this particular example of the 457 built went straight back to southern Italy, only to stay in somebody’s garage untouched for 34 years.

Despite being a homologation special designed by Giugiaro himself, somebody decided to silence this rare BMW’s twin-cam straight-six indefinitely sometime back in 1982. After looking at its original tires (manufactured in 1980) and the 4593 miles on the clock, BMW specialist Mint Classics decided to change this red M1’s fate for the better, first by giving it a good wash. Now, the car will go through a mild restoration job, after which this mid-engined wonder will get sold by Mint Classics to somebody who’s hopefully ready to chase V12 Lamborghinis with it in a period correct fashion.

Today, stock road going BMW M1s start at half a million dollars. This exceedingly original example could fetch a lot more.

via Carscoops

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