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The Massive American Muscle Car Graveyard in Japan

Here in the U.S., many of us auto enthusiasts tend to take our classic muscle cars for granted. After all, most of us know at least a few people with massive collections of rusted, rotting cars scattered across fields and forests, forgotten and unloved. This is a tragic circumstance anywhere, but in a country where American muscle cars are uncommon or downright rare, it is almost enough to bring tears to a car guy’s eyes.

japan-1So you may want to steel your nerves before watching this next video, as it is downright appalling. YouTube user Wasabicars came across an American muscle car junkyard in Japan where at least a half-dozen classic cars have met a rusty, ugly end.

There is unfortunately no background or context provided in this video, where Wasabi walks through a small yard loaded with classic American muscle. Among his fines are no less than three Ford Mustangs, including a Mach 1 and an original fastback big block. Properly restored these cars could be worth upwards of $40,000, but in their current condition they aren’t worth much more than scrap.

Also rotting away is a 1970 numbers matching Camaro, along with a late 70s Pontiac Trans Am, and near that are at least two Corvettes in the scrap heap as well. American muscle cars have always been popular in Japan, so we can’t imagine how these cars came to be discarded like so much tissue paper. It’s a truly sad and shocking end for American muscle in the land of the rising sun, and we’re not even sure if any of these cars are worth restoring anymore.

Excuse us while we dry our eyes.


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