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The Fastest General Lee In The History Of General Lees?

The General Lee might just be one of America’s most recognizable movie cars and today, we’re checking out a rendition of the car that might just take your perception of the movie to an all new high.

Instead of a regular old ’69 Dodge Charger, this funny car brings the Lee to life with something that’s completely unlike the original.

In fact, this roaring beast rockets down the track to the tune of an impressive 6.27-second quarter mile, reaching speeds of 237mph of all-out thrill ride!

Just picture what would happen should the good old boys of Hazard County get their hands on a Lee that’s anything like this one.

Check out the video below to see what, in all probability, is the fastest General Lee ever built, in action. Better strap on your seat belt because this is one wicked ride!


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