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The Coolest Ford Ever? This 1966 Fairlane 500 R-Code Is A Big Block, Bench Seat, Four Speed Killer

When it comes to iconic muscle cars of the 1960s, the factory built drag specials by GM, Mopar, and Ford sit atop the heap both on horsepower and collectibility. Believe it or not, some of these cars have actually be overshadowed as time has gone on. Consider this car below. It is for sale at the princely asking price of $299, 995. How could someone be asking that much money for a 1966 Fairlane 500? This is one of less than 60 specially built factory cars that came equipped with the 425hp dual four barrel medium riser 427 engine. Like their older brethren, the mighty Thunderbolt that was released in 1964, these things were designed to lock horns with their crosstown rivals on the strips of the country. The twist here is that these cars were not just drag strip warriors, they were also designed to hammer it hard on the streets as well.

This car has been restored using lots of factory parts including (according to the seller) the interior. We’re not sure that the engine is original to the car, but it sounds as though it is correct. The block is date coded for a the proper time period and the parts/pieces used on the outside of the thing are also correct and that should not detract at all from the value of the car as best we can tell.

While it is super cool to own a car that everyone knows like the Thunderbolt it may be even cooler to own a rig like this that is just as bad ass but virtually all the way under the proverbial radar. We bet eight guys out of 10 at a car show would not even know what this thing really was…we also bet the guy who buys it won’t be taking it to many car shows.

Check out the photos below and then hit the link for the full eBay ad featuring this car

fairlane fairlane2 fairlane3 fairlane4

eBay ad link: This 1966 Ford Fairlane 500 R-code is absolutely awesome

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