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The 10 most endangered British cars

Anew ‘Save our Classics’ campaign has been launched to encourage the preservation of endangered ‘everyday’ British cars. Using data obtained from the DVLA which reveals that many vehicles that were once a common sight on UK roads are declining at an alarming rate, insurer ClassicLine has compiled a list of the top 10 endangered cars.

Based on those registered in the UK, 75,624 have been lost in the last decade, with experts predicting that the numbers could continue to fall rapidly for some years to come. Motors that made the list include Eighties’ best-sellers the Austin Metro and the Ford Sierra. Those facing an equally bleak future include the once popular Ford Cortina, Austin Allegro and Vauxhall Victor.

The campaign aims to ensure that once familiar and much-loved family cars don’t disappear from UK roads forever.

The most endangered car in Britain is the Morris Ital. According to figures from the website, only 35 registered examples remain.

The 10 most endangered British cars

Make and model Number left 2015 Number left 2005 Amount built % lost
1. Morris Ital (1980-1984) 35 185 175,276 99.98004
2. Austin Maxi (1969-1981) 140 318 472,098 99.97035
3. Austin Allegro (1973-1982) 170 543 642,340 99.97354
4. Vauxhall Chevette (1975-1984) 202 765 416,058 99.95145
5. Hillman Avenger (1970-1981) 215 291 638,631 99.96634
6. Morris Marina (1971-1980) 273 550 809,612 99.96629
7. Austin Metro (1980-1991) 464 8395 1,518,932 99.96946
8. Vauxhall Victor (1961-1978) 828 1050 827,159 99.8999
9. Ford Sierra (1982-1993) 3350 67817 3,470,524 99.90348
10. Ford Cortina (1962-1982) 3580 4967 4,154,902 99.91384

 Built first at Cowley and then at Longbridge from 1980 to 1984, the Ital was the last production car to wear the Morris badge. In the past decade, 150 Itals have disappeared from Britain’s roads, and today the youngest Morris is on the verge of extinction.

The new data also highlights the decimation of the Ford Sierra, one of the biggest selling cars of the Eighties and Nineties. With more than 64,000 being lost in the last decade, less than one per cent of the total built now remain.


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