Take Your Dog Along!

There were other options for dog transport on running boards for those people who wanted to keep their dogs in relative danger, but couldn’t stand the idea of them actually enjoying it.

There’s the relatively sturdy-looking Bird Dog’s Palace, which provides a sturdy external steel enclosure for the dog, sacrificing the joy of open-air travel for some degree of safety.

But who wants that? Why not terrify your dog and put them in danger? You’re in luck, thanks to this grand idea from Popular Mechanics back in 1936.

It’s a canvas dog-sack, thoughtfully appointed with a head hole, though I think a genital/rectal hole wouldn’t be a bad addition as well, to help channel the terror-voiding that any sane dog would do when crammed in this thing. See, the dog can get the wind-in-the-face feel along with the horror of confinement in a sack, all while being precariously hooked and clamped to the side of your car!

They say the rubber tubing on the bottom prevents marring to the car, but it’s not clear how the car’s finish is protected when your dog, crazed from fear and face-level exhaust fumes, chews his way out of the bag and scratches the shit out of your paint while desperately trying to get in the moving car.

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