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Sox & Martin Vs. Richard Petty – Legendary Superbird Drag Race

Ronnie Sox and Buddy Martin were once and almost unbeatable duo in the drag racing world, relying on Mopar power to win countless events and championships across the nation. At the same time, The King himself, Richard Petty, was dominating the world of stock car racing, also utilizing power from the Chrysler Corporation to rack up his likely-to-stand-forever record of 100 wins.

So it only made sense that the two titans line up their Plymouth Superbirds for some head-to-head action to see which car’s combination would come out on top in the quarter mile. As expected, when the drag-prepped Superbird driven by Sox left the line, he took the lead that grew to around 1 full second by the time the two crossed the finish line 1,320 feet later.

We can’t help but wonder if Sox & Martin obliged Petty to a 1-and-1 on the local track to see if they could hang with The King around the banked curves?


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