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One of Two 1970 Chargers Configured Like…This?

WRITTEN BY Sam Maven, Source| The year is 1970. You’re a sales manager at a Dodge dealership, and this year things have been going your way. The vehicle delivery truck has just arrived, with a few average looking Darts onboard plus…a pink Charger? That’s not a concern though; it should be easy to unload a pink car with a white top on an unsuspecting young woman! Or maybe some young hippie-type guy would like it. Either way, it shouldn’t be THAT hard to move. Right? Wrong. You open the hood, and there sits a 440 cubic inch Chrysler big block V8. And that’s not all; it is equipped with the Six Pack option, meaning it has three two-barrel carburetors and makes about 390 horsepower. So much for unloading this cute little Charger on a secretary! It’s going to take someone with a need for speed and a taste for pink to get this off your lot.

Whether or not this is how the events actually played out, it is safe to say that the dealership this car was delivered to probably wasn’t expecting it. Chrysler offered High Impact colors during this time, which helped market towards the youth who didn’t want a car in green or brown. Colors like the FM3 “Panther Pink” this Charger wears were typically a special order item, simply because the market for such a vibrant paint color was limited. According to this Charger’s paperwork, it was a sales bank car, meaning this was built as it is by the factory for general distribution by whichever dealer it got sent to.

Photo: Wellborn Musclecar Museum

The sales bank history is unique enough on its own, but it gets better! This Charger is one of only two 440 Six Pack Chargers produced in FM3. For those interested in specs, the 440 puts the power to the rear end by way of a 727 Torqueflite automatic transmission. The rubber meets the road at the hands of a Sure-Grip rear end with 3.23 gears. This Charger has been a resident of the Wellborn Musclecar Museum since 2004, stabled with dozens of other odd and collectible Mopar muscle cars. For more information on the Wellborn Musclecar Museum, visit

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