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One millionth Corvette restored to its former glory after sinkhole

Another of the victims of the National Corvette Museum’s destructive sinkhole has been restored to a stunning condition by General Motors

Of the eight cars eaten up by the sinkhole which appeared under the National Corvette Museum last year, only three were deemed repairable. Still, that’s not a bad innings considering the scale of what happened at the Bowling Green-based facility, and now, the restoration of the second of the trio – the one millionth Corvette – has been completed.

It took four months and a total of 1200 man hours to transform the 1992, fourth-generation ‘Vette from a smashed up wreck into the pristine machine you see above.

It was an especially challenging car to restore, because it carries signatures of all the workers who built the car at Chrevrolet’s Bowling Green Factory. This meant that damaged parts which would normally be thrown away had to be salvaged if possible.

Incredibly, just two of the signed components were beyond repair, so the team scanned the signatures and reproduced them onto new parts. A new signature had to be obtained from employee Angela Lamb, as her’s was too badly damaged to scan.

This very special Corvette has now taken its place back at the National Corvette Museum, alongside the restored ZR1 ‘Blue Devil’ car, plus the five unrestored vehicles. Next up on the restoration hit list is the 1962 Corvette, with museum itself overseeing the built.



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