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One Dedicated Car Enthusiast Unveils A Shed Containing 41 Valuable Classic Cars!

In the automotive world people have a tendency to get excited when they hear about tremendous car collections. For several years one car collection seemed to always become subject of conversation at the car shows and swap meets. Supposedly there was a barn northwest of the Twin Cities that was said to have a huge collection of some of the rarest muscle cars, hot rods and vintage cars.

However, no one had ever went to look for or even knew if the collection was real so it was hard to know if the collection actually existed or was the product of a whole lot of assumptions and rumors.

A man by the name of Jake had heard about the legend of the old turkey barn out in the middle of nowhere and went on a mission to see if it was real. He hit his lucky break in 2004 while looking for a 1969 Shelby Mustang. He had asked an owner of an old garage if he had Shelby’s for sale and when he didn’t they proceeded onto some good ol’ fashion small talk. In the midst of their conversation the man surprisingly spoke of  the old turkey barn and verified it was in fact a real barn, full of real cars and owned by an avid pack rat.

Although the man would not give the name of the owner of the collection he did give some helpful clues on how to find him. So the true mission began. Finding the owner of the collection,


After a whole lot of searching all around and following the trail of clues given by the helpful garage owner, Jake was finally able to find the man with the almost mythical car collection.

It turned out his name was John and he did not have any cars in a turkey barn but did have some cars in a building.

Unfortunately for Jake, John was not interested in selling any of his cars, but did promise a tour in the near future.


After several failed attempts at meeting up the day finally came when John was ready to give a tour of the car collection.

The collection appeared to be a machine shed on what was once part of a farm. There were no windows, but once inside the shed it was apparent they were face to face with some of the finest vintage legends.

There were 41 cars in all and they ranged from Mustangs, Cudas, Chevelles, Corvettes, Studebakers and so much more!  It was literal heaven for anyone who loved cars.


Most of the car inside of the shed had not seen the light of day in several years, but surprisingly enough a lot of them were perfectly restored cars. John had a thing for going to swap meets and picking up old classic cars and storing them in his shed.

Apparently he never drove the cars, but simply enjoyed having them. After much consideration John began selling some of the gems in his shed with the help of the dedicated car enthusiast who had put in all of the work to find the massive collection.


Some of the cars were painted, semi restored, or completely restored and almost all of the vehicles received new gas tanks and brake lines.

With the cars in tip top shape most were sold at the top of the market and gave John back a considerable amount of money for his beautiful collection of cars.


In addition Jake also ended up coming out of the barn find more successful and humbled by his experience.  His hot rod shop picked up momentum as he helped fix up and sell many of John’s cars.

In addition, he also has the very unique pleasure of getting to know and help an incredible man with an incredible collection.


Overall, this unique barn find story shows what true dedication can result in.

Jake never gave up solving the turkey barn mystery and what he gained was a whole lot of unforgettable memories and the unveiling of a one of a kind collection.


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