Here Are 7 Easy Ways How To Remove a Broken Bolt – AMAZING!

Somebody is drilling it at low speed, spraying WD-40 on the thread (by the way, I heard from truck drivers, that WD-40 to unscrew stuck bolt can be alternated with a simple Fanta), someone cuts a line, to put the screwdriver in this cut, Someone make some scientific experiments making the base, where is bolt screwed hot, and the bolt itself cold, etc.

Add to all this, that mechanic mandatory is speaking not with Shakespeare`s language, especially, when he has a deal with the broken bolt. To unscrew this (here I would like to speak literally, otherwise this article would become 21+) problematic element every mechanic has its own secrets.

Well, one can easily write a book “1 million of methods to unscrew the broken or stuck bolt”.Today we brought you 7 of those ways in just video and we are hoping it will help everyone that face this problem.

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