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General Lee vs The Bandit Trans Am – Best Car Chase Ever?

If you were to compile a list of the most classic movie cars of all time, there is absolutely no way that you could leave the General Lee and the Bandit off of that list.

This time, the notorious Dodge Charger and Pontiac Trans Am go head-to-head in a little bit of a movie mash up car chase for the ages. It’s pretty neat to see these cars going at it outside of their movie roles!

This one will have you waltzing down memory lane as the two “old-school cool” rides go head-to-head in a bout around town that knows no boundaries when the drivers take their aggressive driving on the road and off of it.

Check out the chase sequence of epic proportions below as these two icons square off. With favorites like these, you simply just cannot go wrong any way you slice it.


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