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From AUSTRALIA to USA – 1300HP Twin Turbo Chevelle Is US Drag Racing NIGHTMARE

During the years we have seen a bunch of insane drag racing beasts, but no one like this here. This 1300HP Twin Turbo Chevelle Is US Drag Racing NIGHTMARE. Don’t think that it’s just about speed as well. Obviously, this vehicle will be able to dish out some serious beatings on the competition after it’s tuned properly, but what sets it apart is the way it looks.

Probably you get the picture, so we’ll stop raving about how awesome it looks, and move on to performances.

The massive engine under the hood accompanied by the insane win Turbo setup ensures that this ride will be anything but slow. Although it’s not fully developed yet, this monster is still capable of developing around 1300hp, and that’s enough to leave a lot of competitors in the rear view mirror.

Craziest thing about it? Well, It came all the way from Australia, and the owner claims that modifications are far from complete. We can’t wait to see what the next year will bring. For now, just click on the video below and enjoy the show. This’s something wouldn’t want to miss it.


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