Ford F-150 Owner Close to Hitting 1 Million Miles

Arizona Truck Owner Is Taking ‘Built Ford Tough’ to the Most Extreme Level

Every now and then, although rare, we see a story of some faithful truck owner who just doesn’t want to part ways with his or her truck. We get it — trust us. But how often do you hear of an F-150 hitting the ultimate goal in automotive reliability, 1 million miles? Well, an Arizona resident is about to cross that coveted line, likely in just a few short months.

Lake Havasu City, Arizona, resident Dave Wright works a marketing job that requires frequent travel to surrounding states. He estimates that he puts roughly 75,000 to 80,000 miles on his 2003 F-150 annually. Let’s keep in mind, Lake Havasu City is not particularly known for its stable climate; temperatures can easily reach triple digits for several months throughout the year. Even so, Wright says that his Ford truck is still running with its original engine.

Other than regular oil changes and 13 sets of tires over time, Wright does not do anything too special to keep the F-150 going. Unfortunately, the odometer has just given out entirely at 937,000 miles, which definitely puts a wrench in Wright’s plan to bring the truck past the million-mile marker. Don’t worry, he is paying close attention to his trips and keeping notes of his miles driven via a pad and paper. How awesome is that?

Wright said that he reached out to Ford to help with the odometer issue. However, the company said it couldn’t be fixed. Even if they could fix it, the odometer stops at 999,000. Apparently Ford wasn’t worried about making their odometers run that high, as Wright says they told him, “they’ve never seen a truck with that many miles on it.”

Hat tip to Havasu News, which first broke the story here.


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