For Sale: Hundreds Of Muscle Cars On 5 Acres

Now this is my kind of real estate deal! If you buy the five acre lot, you get the 300+ classic cars that are currently parked on it. The property is all the way up in British Columbia, Canada with an asking price of $1.45 million! I know that seems steep for just 5 acres of land, but you are getting 340 cars on land that’s already zoned to be a salvage yard, plus the joy of being able to say you own over 300 cars! And if that price is in Canadian dollars, you can pick it up for $1.08 million US dollars. You can find the real estate listing here on Special thanks to everyone that’s sent this one in!

Finds like this tend to have interesting stories behind them and sure enough, so does this one. The owner, Mike Hall, has been collecting cars most of his life. His career has been working as a rock scaler, so when he isn’t hanging over highways picking rocks from cliff faces, he’s been dragging cars home to restore. He and his wife purchased a 26 acre farm, but she quickly grew tired of him parking cars all over the farm. So he bought this lot, the small restoration shop and storage building so he could keep the farm tidy and oil free.

Now that he’s in his sixties, he’s realized he isn’t going to have time to restore them all. He has lots of cool projects here, ranging from a 1926 Chevy Roadster to Dodge Super Bees and even a few newer cars. While he has a nice mix of things, it looks like he’s focused much of his attention on muscle cars. He does have a few British cars in the mix, but mainly Sunbeam Alpines, as he has always wanted to build a Tiger. Between all the cars and parts he has here, he should have just about everything needed to do it!

As his real estate agent put it, “It’s not just purchasing the cars, land and buildings. It is about a lifetime opportunity to spend time doing what people like: restoring vintage cars and living in one of the most beautiful parts of B.C. That value is more than the asking price.” I’m not sure if the experience is really worth more than the asking price, but I do have to admit this looks like a beautiful area and it sure would be fun to own so many cars! So what do you think? Would you be willing to move to Canada and take over Mike’s collection and restoration business? You can read more about Mike and his collection here on

Via BarnFinds

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