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Extremely Cool 106 Years Old Kerosene Blackstone Oil Engine Start-Up

The machines and thus engines of this day are literally magnificent! They’re perfectly designed with a lot of sophisticated specifications, electronic systems and computerized controllers that are based on electrical energy, which means that they are nothing but a pile of metal without this energy.

Unlike these modern engines, old engines, just like the one here in this amazing video, can even be used after hundreds of years without needing any stable energy source. The video below offers a perfect proof for that, demonstrating the start-up of a Blackstone oil engine produced in 1909 and damaged in 1920. This excellent video provides us some cool close-ups and incredible soothing sounds.

Back in the days there were a lot of times when the engine fell into disuse. It was even submerged due to several river floodings. Briefly, the engine was recovered in 1990 and in 1997 it was completely dismantled, cleaned and started again. This is the video of the fresh new start. You are going to see the whole process of starting such piece of the engineering world. First of all you have to heat hot bulb with a blow lamp in order to vaporise the kerosene. Another requirement is to preheat the the internal combustion chamber. This will actually allow the fuel ignition.

It’s just amazing to see this Blackstone oil engine startup in details.

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