Barn Finds Muscle Cars 


It seems likely the most valuable barn find ever in the history of the automobile, just based on the number of cars and their rarity. Finding this many rare cars in one place is not likely to ever happen again!

The crown jewel of the find is obviously the Plymouth Superbird, a car designed and built by Plymouth to lure Richard Petty back to the manufacturer during his NASCAR heyday.

The car was built in extremely limited numbers just for stock car racing, and featured a 426 CID Hemi with dual four-barrel carburetors that pushed the massive car from zero to 60 MPH in just 5.5 seconds, blistering fast for it’s time, and still respectable today! Of the 1,920 Superbirds built, only 135 of them were fitted with the 426″ Hemi.

There are also a host of other rare cars in the barn, a few of which the video touches on as the barn is explored further.

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