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It seems like the Lamborghini is very interesting to the Police as they stopped it so many times.

Driver of the Lamborghini: “I have never tried to bait any police officer anywhere in the world just to get it on video for the views, I always respect them and I always smile but Oregon State Trooper was definitely the most arrogant, defensive and ignorant police officer I have ever encountered.

I was doing the speed limit, obeying all traffic laws and I was just traveling through Oregon on my way to Vancouver, BC in Canada but this police officer seems to be absolutely clueless about federal and international driving laws.

The car did have plates, Dubai plates, this is where I reside and the Lamborghini was just temporary shipped to the US for a short vacation. Just like a Canadian driver with a Canadian license plate in the US. Plain and simple. I’m pretty sure if I said the wrong thing, the officer would have just arrested me on general principle!”

Here’s every pull over with the Police in the Lamborghini race car, enjoy!


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