A Quick Look At The Original 1966 Monkeemobile: Only 2 Built

The Monkees is an American sitcom that aired on NBC from September 1966 to March 1968. It followed the adventures of four young men, collectively called the “Monkees”, trying to hit it big as a rock n’ roll band. They did and went on to sell 75 million records.

The television series that launched the band to stardom featured a highly modified Pontiac GTO, and now a huge fan of the show named Mel Gutherie purchased it at the Barrett-Jackson Auction in Scottsdale, Arizona. The GTO has some overblown body modifications like the elaborate nose that is both distinctly Pontiac and unique to the Monkeemobile at the same time.

The rear of the car has similarly-styled tweaks while keeping its distinct GTO appearance. The most radical modification was done in the cabin which has been stretched to include the trunk, and is covered by a touring car convertible top and a tilted forward split two-piece windshield. There are four bucket seats and a third row bench where the trunk was originally located.

There are only two copies of the Monkeemobile, one for the TV show and the other as a promotional car. The “TV car” followed the Monkees on tour and currently in the hands of a private collector in New Jersey.  The “show car” is what you’ll see in the video. You can sense the elation and enthusiasm in the owner’s voice as he describes what it feels like to drive this piece of pop culture, and narrates how owning the car fulfilled his childhood dream.


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