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For Sale: 80-Acre, 8,000 Car Idaho Junkyard and $3,000,000 to Own It !

I am glad that my kids were not sitting in close proximity when I opened the email that informed me of the sale of L&L Classic Auto in Wendell, Idaho.

Once I saw the ariel photos of nearly 100 acres full of cars, trucks, buildings and literally millions of parts, I muttered some swear words. We’re not talking shallow end of the pool kind of bad words, I went for the stuff that makes hardened criminals stop on their tracks. We have previously showed you junkyards and parts business that were selling out, but none of them had anything close to the kingdom of rusty gold that L&L has. Because of the conditions in Idaho, the rust on most of these cars should be mostly superficial and more along the line of “perfect patina” than “terminal disaster”. The yard it located about an hour and a half southeast of Boise comfortably resting in the middle of flipping nowhere.

The business has been open for 80 years and the owner has decided that it is time to hang up his car part peddling spurs and wants to sell the whole place off in a package deal and hand the new guy the keys. According to the ad, the place is so big lots of place hasn’t even been inventoried. That may sound like a nightmare to you, but can you consider for a moment the unbridled joy that would be the job of doing the yard “census” at this place?! It would take us the rest of our natural born lives but we’d wake up raring to go to work every morning. The list having about 100 55-57 Chevrolets some of which are wagons. There are Model Ts to beat the band and whatever else you can dream of. Sure, lots of the cars there are pedestrian models but who cares? The reality is that the decent sheet metal is what everyone wants and then you can “build to suit”, right? Outside of the umpteen thousand cars there are multiple buildings with parts crammed from floor to ceiling.

The photos below do a better job of telling this story than our words can. If it wasn’t so damned expensive to get to Boise, Idaho we’d be out there in a heartbeat to just look at the place. Any BangShifters near Wendell with a camera that we can deputize?

Picture 32 Picture 33

Picture 34

Picture 35


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