8 INSANE MACHINES That Will Blow Your Mind

In this video we are going to explore the world’s most amazing and brightest machines that you should not miss.
Kubelik osk 3500 t. It is a well known fact that Japan has been undergoing a lot of redevelopment as a proper use of space becomes a more pressing issue. The resulting destruction and reconstruction of buildings needs new and more capable equipment and the Cobell Co SK 3500 D comes right on time.
It is so efficient that it has won a couple of awards including the Guinness World Records for the world’s tallest building demolition machine the Cobell co sk 3500 d comes equipped with a working height of 213 feet or 65 meters in an operating mass of 327 tons with a top speed of one point one kilometer per hour.
It also has the world’s highest working range of over 65 meters and is built on
a 200 ton heavy crawler crane carrier.
More insane machines on this video:

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