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1955 Aston Martin DB2/4 Discovered!

Imagine swinging open the doors to an old barn to find this beautiful Aston Martin DB2/4 just sitting there on blocks waiting to be put back on the road. Well that was the experience one lucky car guy had when he got a tip about this Aston barn find! Now not only is this a rare DB2/4 model, but it also has an interesting story behind it! You see, this car may have been put to work sometime in the ’60s as an unmarked police car. If they start giving police unmarked Aston Martins for patrol cars, I might have to think about a career change!

1955 Aston Martin DB24

This incredible find was discovered in Gloucester, England where it had been hiding for the past 50 years. Incredibly, the car has survived with minimal rust and even still has some old newspapers sitting in the back. Apparently this wasn’t your regular old barn, but was heated in the winter and well maintained. It did a great job at preserving this car and I can’t help but wonder what else is in there! Wouldn’t it be fantastic to just look at and study this car up close?

1955 Aston Martin DB2-4 Interior

I can’t even imagine being a police officer in the ’60s and being assigned this as your patrol car. I would have wanted to use it after hours too, but I have a feeling that might have been frowned upon, especially when I got pulled over by a fellow officer for speeding! Think how cool you would feel pulling people over with it, especially with a leather jacket and aviator sunglasses on.

1955 Aston Martin DB2-4 3

This car is currently in the care of Jonathan Wills from Cotswold Classic Cars, who specializes in restoring high end European classics. It sounds like it is in good hands, but sadly it is likely destined to be fully restored. I would love to see it preserved rather than restored, but sadly that isn’t my call to make. With any luck the next owner will simply fix the blown headgasket and get it back on the road again. Now if it were my car, the first thing I would be doing is digging into the car’s history. At this point, the tie to being an undercover police car is just speculation and will need to be investigated to be proven. I sure hope it was though, as that would be an incredible story!

1955 AM DB2-4 Out Of The Barn

Whether or not it was used for police duty, this is one amazing car and is worth considerable amounts of money. The DB2/4 is one of my favorite AM designs and while it doesn’t have any ties to James Bond (that was the DB5), it still has the iconic look that most people will recognize. I know I would feel like a secret agent every time I climbed in it, especially with a black suite and some leather gloves on! So have any of you heard of Aston Martins being used as police cars? Special thanks to our buddies over at BoldRide for letting us know about this fantastic find!


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