10 Most Reliable Engines Running Beyond 300,000 Miles

There are a few different reasons why a car might stay on the road forever. When a model turns up on the list of most reliable vehicles every year, the automaker deserves a great deal of credit. The company created something that could stand the wear and tear of daily driving, regardless of climate or driver skill.

In some cases, owners have an attachment to the vehicle and will pay whatever it takes to keep it going. But it is not necessarily a good value to keep something just because it lasts. When you see work vehicles like pickup trucks or taxis ranking among the longest-lasting cars, you know the investment was probably worth it.

Do you ever get in a discussion with your friends or coworkers can can’t come to a conclusion? We did that a few weeks ago. We were wondering, ‘What are the most reliable cars made in the last 25 years.’ The thought behind this topic was that owners of high-mileage cars would be more likely to buy auto parts form us than owners of lower (100,000-mile) cars.

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