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Barn Find: 1970 Plymouth Road Runner 426 Hemi – The First Road Runner Ever Built

It’s always a happy day when barn find happens, and this one is a little bit spicier than usual. Over a year ago, what’s believed to be the very first 1970 426 Hemi Plymouth Road Runner was unearthed from a barn. It has very early production number of 100015 which is one of the pilot cars from back then. Lack of data that would suggest otherwise implicates that this is actually the first Road Runner made in the seventies.


Road Runner, however, first came in 1968, and it enjoyed a lengthy production run until 1980. One of the most desirable Mopars back in the day, Road Runner spawned limited performance models such as Duster I and Superbird.


This Road Runner’s VIN plate: RM21ROA100015 tells us much more than we anticipated at first. For starters, RM21 means this is the Road Runner Coupe which already tells us it’s somewhat rarer than usual. The fact that it has the A833 four-speed manual transmission elevates its rarity sky-high. Only 44 Hemi coupes with automatic tranny have been built that year, and this is one of them. Furthermore, R stands for 426ci Hemi V8 mill and dual four-barrel carburetor setup combo. Dissecting the VIN further says that 0 stands for 1970 and A means it was built in Lynch Road assembly plant. Finally, we’ve already said what the 100015 likely means.


Judging by the video (which is below), first 1970 Hemi Road Runner isn’t exactly in tip-top shape. It’s a mess inside-out but at least the body looks more than salvageable, and it has the optional Air Grabber hood. It’s last been registered in Pennsylvania, back in 1976 which means it spent almost four straight decades in a barn. Even though it doesn’t appear to have the original engine/tranny combo, this Mopar should warrant quite a price tag at one of future auctions – especially if it gets restored properly. And, that’s exactly what we hope will happen. What do you think? Is it worth a six-digit figure?


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