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8 Of The Weirdest Cars You’ve Never Seen

There are cars which we even couldn’t imagine they exist. Here are 8 of the weirdest cars you even haven’t seen in movies. Number 1 in our list is the Manta Ray. In 1953, Glenn Hire and Vernon Antoine debuted their space-age inspired car – the Manta Ray – in Los Angeles, California. Both men worked in the jet aircraft division of the North American Aviation Company and wanted to incorporate the swift flowing lines of a jet fighter plane into their car’s styling. More weird cars in this video.…

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10 Cars You Should Never Buy!

Buying a car is an important financial decision, therefore it is crucial that you know which cars you should avoid at all costs. First on the list is the mercedes-benz GL. The GL was first launched in 2006 it was meant to compete in the luxury segment though many observers felt it was late to the party. Some of the most common problems with the Mercedes GL is that shifting starts to get rough only after a few years of use. Another hot problem with the GL is that the…

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15 Groovy Vehicle Designs from the 70s

The vehicles of the 70s came in many unique styles, some were crazy, some were fun, and some were made to shape the vehicle production of the future. 15 crazy vehicles from the 70s. Number 15. The Volkswagon Thing was manufactured in the Unites States from 1973 to 1974. Originally developed for the West German Army, the Type 181 was also sold to the public under different model names from 1968 until 1980 when the last models were made for civilian use. This Type 181 is a four door, two…

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20 Cool Vintage Vehicle Designs

Do you have a favorite vintage vehicle? Here is our list of 20 vintage vehicle designs that define cool. From a 1923 Audi Jaray to a 1953 Fiat Boat Car here are 20 vintage vehicles so crazy they’re cool. Rolling into the number 20 spot we have been 1956 Jawa Motorex 350 cc. The Motorex was a Czechoslovakian vehicle nicknamed the Jawaobile. Unfortunately it was Jawa’s last car. With its front end entrance very similar to a BMW 600 this car didn’t seem to be very feasible. Four prototypes were…

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