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What You Probably Never Knew About General Lee, Most Iconic TV Car

It may be the most iconic car in TV history, but you almost definitely don’t know everything about the General Lee. Here is a few fun facts that will surely surprise you.

The Dukes of Hazzard’s 1969 Dodge Charger known as The General Lee was known for its crazy stunts and went airborne more than 150 times during the span of the series!

Did you know that over 300 different cars played as the General Lee during the production of the Dukes of Hazzard? Warner Brothers totaled an average of two Chargers per episode.

The Dukes’ car was originally going to be named “Traveller,” after General Lee’s horse, but the producers worried that no one would get the reference.

Even though sand or concrete was set in the car during the jumps to prevent flipping, the cars still rarely survived the jumps. At least 300 different cars starred as the General Lee throughout the series!

Mechanics were constantly on the set of the series to salvage and prepare what they could for filming. Some of the General Lees were actually 1968 models fixed to look like 1969s.

At least 75 Chargers were sent to the junk yard. In 2001, two collectors found a General Lee in a Georgia junkyard that ended up being the original from the first episode which was restored and sold for $110,000 (equals $152.000 in 2017)!

The General Lee was so famous back in the day that at one time it received an average of 35,000 fan letters per month and it has been one of the most replicated cars of all time.


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