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This Rusty 1949 Talbot Lago T26 is Purchased For $1.900.000!

Seeing a very expensive super car or a rare classic car is always fascinating, let alone owning one, but the following story takes the word “rare” to a whole new level and is called the Talbot Lago T26.

1949 Talbot Lago T26 car purchased million 1

Most of you have probably never heard about this car, but that is probably an even better evidence of how rare the car actually is. Let us take a look at the numbers and see what they say. To begin with, this car was produced back in 1949 and its full name is Talbot Lago T26 Grand Sport SWB. It was made by Saoutchik, which actually was a French sports car manufacturer. Such model was found in a barn in Paris back in 2014 and was recently sold at an auction for whooping $1.9 million.

When you take a first look at it in the following video, you would most certainly ask yourself, is this car actually worth that much? It definitely is! But what makes this old piece of pure rust so special and valuable? Well, only FOUR such Talbot Lago T26 were produced in 1949! To make this car even more exceptional is the fact that no one has seen one ever since then. The man who purchased it must be a very proud owner of one of the rarest cars ever made.

We do not know his future plans, but it most definitely needs a lot of work hence it is in ahorrible condition. As you can see there are photos of it in a mint condition!

For more information check out video below.

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