The Snow Crawler Snowmobile Concept Shows the Future of Snowmobiles

The design and concept of a snowmobile have been relatively conserved over the last century with little modifications. With little change, environmental exposure, and gas consumption to run the snowmobile, many riders have found the snowmobile to become a stale vehicle to use. Fortunately there is a new concept called the Snow Crawler created by Mindsailors designer Michael Bonikowski that totally corrects all of these issues.


Snow Mobile Redesign:

The Snow Crawler snowmobile concept turns away from element open design typically seen in other snowmobiles, motorcycles, and quads, and instead creates an enclosed cockpit where a single rider can sit and steer the snowmobile. This design takes the driver directly out of nature into a temperature-regulated area making it user friendly on even the coldest days. Unlike modern day snowmobiles the wheels do not lay on the base of the machine and instead the geared conveyer style wheels are located on the posterior and giving the mobile adequate lift of the ground. Two sky like blades man the front to push through the snow.



The Snow Crawler is Environmentally Friendly:

Unlike other snowmobiles on the market, the Snow Crawler snowmobile concept runs exclusively on electricity. Riders will not have to pay any money to pay for gas and they will be helping the environment out by reducing gas emissions. Charging the battery should be as easy as plugging it into a wall socket. Information about battery life, how long it will take to charge, and where the charging port will be located has not been given yet.


In closing, the Snow Crawler Snowmobile concept is one that will shake the industry if the idea comes to fruition. No other brand is making a cockpit styled snowmobile that runs on electricity, let alone one that looks so futuristic. It is unknown when Snow Crawler design will take mass production but with the internet in a furry over it, we expect a major snowmobile firm to pick it up in no time.

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