The Most Powerful Chevy Crate Engines That GM Ever Has Approved To Sell You

It’s well-know that there are a variety of Chevy Crate Engines. But can you believe that the company offers 70 different versions? And 69 of them are V8s, with only one four-cylinder engine available – the turbocharged LTG that develops 272 horsepower. At the other end of the spectrum is the LSX454R Chevy Crate Engine that produces 776 horsepower from an LS Small Block – at only $27.50 per horsepower.

Our list of Chevy Crate Engines begins at 535 horsepower and tops out with the LSX454R. The sharp-eyed will notice that we skipped over a couple of engines, for example versions of the LSX and ZZ572, in order to broaden the list and expose the variety of high-performance motors available in the Chevy Crate Engine line.

These high-tech heads come with an exclusive, high-rise open-plenum intake manifold and a Dominator-type carburetor to complete the furious package. The LSX454R’s bottom end includes Chevrolet’s trademark LSX Bowtie cylinder block with an all-forged rotating assembly.

Most importantly, Chevrolet rates the engine at 776 horsepower when it’s naturally aspirated, but there’s always room for even more power when the turbochargers get involved. Chevrolet recommends drag racing enthusiasts use the LSX454R paired with a fifth generation Chevrolet Camaro stock body shell to create the ultimate dragster. However, with firepower like this, it’s completely irrelevant which body shell you choose, because when you have at least 776 horsepower under the hood, every look will be a winning one. MSRP of the engine is $21,347.

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