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Taake a look at this awesome and sad moment, The Legendary Hemi Under Glass Last Ride! 

Many times, builders cannot predict what will come up if a few things are combined so what he has to do is build the car and then see what comes out of it, and that, is what they call experience.

Yes on paper many things look like they will match and work but once you start testing the vehicle you will find out that not all works like you hoped.

The original idea with this ride was to showcase the huge HEMI motor, and in order to do that they decided to put it much closer to the back than the original location, what they did not expect is that this car was so prone to pulling wheelies that it became an attraction on its own.

The rest is history, they showcased this wheelie machine all over the US and it created a huge fan base, wherever it went.

Now unfortunately, it is time to say goodbye to this popular Hemi Under Glass ride, and its famous driver Bob Riggle, so check it out.

Check out the video below that shows off this one of a kind wheelie car that can yank the front end up into the air and keep it there for as long as the long, skinny pedal is pushed to the floor. This incredible ride has amazed many, but it has come time for the car to be put to rest and this video will take you inside of the car’s long career all the way up until the final moments.

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