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Take a Peek Inside Jay Leno’s Magical Restoration Shop

Jay is THE quintessential celebrity gear head. He has a show on YouTube called “Jay Leno’s Garage” that’s syndicated on TV. But what sets Jay apart is the fact that he has one of the greatest celeb car collections AND he’s a true gear head. Some may say he has the best car collection on earth today.

He has his own restoration shop that’s constantly restoring, repairing, and updating cars, each more rare and interesting than the last. In this latest video from Jay Leno’s Garage on YouTube, you get to see the latest on what the shop is working on, new additions, and even a first start on a decade-long project.

The first few cars Leno has in the shop are pre-war vehicles, namely a 1914 Detroit Electric that’s in the process of being upgraded with a pair of high-powered batteries from a Nissan Leaf, an MG roadster given to Jay by a friend that’s in need of a lot of attention, and a Kleiber, the only car built in the city of San Fransisco. Leno also has a ’68 Pontiac Firebird that has its engine out for a rebuild, and a 1925 Cadillac once owned by Farmer’s Insurance agency.

Perhaps the most interesting car in Leno’s shop right now is the Rabbit 1, a 1908 Benz with an 18.5-liter Benz six-cylinder from 1915 making around 230 horsepower. Modified with a modern clutch and a disc brake at the end of the driveshaft (!), we actually get the chance to see it start for the first time in the several years since the restoration started. We can’t wait to see these cars on the road.

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