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Stolen Porsche Discovered at Base of a Cliff After 27 Years

A Porsche 924 that was stolen back in 1991 was found at the bottom of cliff, crashed, with bones near the vehicle.

A man’s child was kidnapped and just recently found abandoned in the woods in Jackson County, Oregon.  The child was a 1979 Porsche 924 that went missing all the way back in 1991.  According to a local news station, Komo News, after nearly 30 years, the Porsche was spotted by a man walking his dog in Crater Lake National Park, less than 50 miles from where the theft took place.

After the man walking his dog spotted the Porsche, which lied upside down at the bottom of a large cliff, he contacted police officials who began to identify the smashed up sports car.  Police noticed that the vehicle has expired registration tags that dated all the way back to 1991.  Further investigation revealed that the vehicle was, in fact, the same vehicle that was reported stolen 27 years ago from the parking lot of the Southside Cinema in Medford, OR.  The vehicle appeared to have been driven off of the cliff and was initially believed to have a human inside, due to what was initially thought as human remains/bones found next to the crashed vehicle.  However, further research showed that these bones belonged to a deer and not a human.

The first question that arose in most everybody’s mind was, “How could this abandoned car have possibly gone on to remain unspotted for 27 years?”  Apparently, the car was heavily covered in forest debris and the terrain of slope/cliff would have been extremely difficult and dangerous for a person to go down into.  Even if a person had been hiking in the area, it is likely that they would not have noticed the car due to the debris covering it or may not have paid much attention to the vehicle, thinking that somebody disposed of the vehicle in an attempt to get a junk car out of their yard without having to pay somebody to take it.

Luckily, the gentleman that reported the missing vehicle allowed police to uncover the whereabouts of this stolen car, However, it may be difficult, if not impossible, to trace the stolen vehicle back to the thief due to 27 years without shelter erasing pretty much any evidence that may have existed.  But, you never know.  Now that they have found the vehicle, it makes it much more likely that the thief will be found than if they had never found the vehicle in the first place.


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