Russia Wants To Take On Tesla With This Electric ‘Super Car’

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Kalashnikov challenges Tesla over electric cars.

Watch out Elon Musk! It seems like the beleaguered CEO of Tesla has had nothing but bad news over the past few dramatic and difficult months and now a new thorn in his side has reared its head. The legendary arms manufacturer Kalashnikov have announced the launch of a retro looking electric car which the manufacturers claim will present serious competition for Tesla on the international market.

Kalashnikov unveiled their new offering at a defense expo outside of Moscow on Thursday. The manufacturers announced that the technology used in developing the prototype, called the CV-1, ranked among the top electric car producers in the world, including Tesla. The vehicle can travel around 217 miles (or 350km) on only one charge making it a highly effective model.

Despite the cutting edge technology powering the car, the designers chose to seek inspiration for the look of the car in Russia’s past. The car was modeled after a Soviet hatchback model named that Izh-Kombi which was developed back in the 1970s. Given the current trends for nostalgia and vintage design, the model certainly has the capacity to make a serious splash on the world market.

Does Tesla need to start worrying about this new competition?

Kalashnikov is primarily known the world over for developing the AK-47. However, the company has tried to move away from this singular and controversial label in recent years and has made serious to expand its brand. The company has launched lines of clothing and various other products including umbrellas and mobile phone covers.

Some of Kalashnikov’s newest offerings have met with more success than others. Earlier this week, Kalashnikov announced the launch of a new bipedal combat robot named Ignorek which was met with unadulterated ridicule on social media platforms?

Only time will tell whether this new venture will prove to be successful but given the trouble that Tesla has experienced in the past couple of months, Kalashnikov may have picked a prime time to enter the electric car market.


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