Resurrecting A 225 Dodge Slant Six

Today on engine power the guys tackle Chrysler’s most durable and versatile inline six with a twist or should we say a slant.
Legendary for being indestructible, today they are going to dissect rebuild and hop up a true American cult engine the bulletproof Chrysler slant-6.
It’s revolutionary inline six design is tilted 30 degrees off-center to allow a lower hood profile, a lower center of gravity and more access to engine accessories. From 1959 to 2000 

Mopar produced over 12 million of these G Series engines in 170 198 and 225 cubic inch displacements, first for the compact valiant and then as the base engine in over 25 Dodge and Plymouth, cars and trucks, from darts to diplomats, and Belvedere’s to barracudas, and thanks to its extreme reliability the slant-6, also saw duty and scores of tractors, military trucks, forklifts and industrial applications.

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