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Michigan Man Uses Parts from 28 Classic Cars to Build a Single Whatsit-Mobile

Don Stanley of Bay City, Mich. found the parts for his one-of-a-kind chariot from no less than 28 other cars. It was an automotive jigsaw puzzle of the highest order—requiring the piecing together of such parts as a 1964 Thunderbird interior, 1972 Pinto doors, 1982 Chevy transmission, and a 1932 Chevrolet rear bumper. Stanley writes that there is “no main body.”

Pictures of the Stanmobile make for a good guessing game. Which part comes from what car? Hint: It’s all good-old American metal. Despite its mashup quality, the car reportedly drives quite well.

The final effect is pure fantasy—even as one part melds into another. The vintage ‘39 hood contrasts with the square headlights. The ‘70s half-vinyl roof (complete with “opera window”) is juxtaposed to the futuristic doors. The wire wheels introduce an Excalibur-like “neo-classical” element.

The most conventional aspect of the car is the interior, which maintains a fairly consistent look, though the mid-60s T-Bird interior is at odds with what looks like an early electronic dashboard from the 1985 Olds.

Parts list:
1. ’85 GMC 350 Truck Motor
2. Chevy Caprice Electric Windows
3. ’72 Pontiac Rear Axle
4. ’64 Thunderbird Slide Away Steering Wheel
5. ’72 Pinto Doors
6. ’39 Chevy Hood
7. ’39 Chevy Grill
8. ’39 Chevy Fenders
9. ’64 Thunderbird Interior
10. ’72 Pinto Fuel Tank
11. ’84 Firebird Seats
12. ’82 Chevy Transmission
13. ’82 Cadillac Front Brakes
14. ’82 Cadillac Suspension
15. ’61 Cadillac Rear Fins
16. ’85 Cadillac Seville Trunk Lid
17. ’73 Ford Sunroof
18. ’85 Olds 98 Electrical System
19. ’85 Olds Electric Dash
20. Ltd. Headlights
21. Ltd. Front Turn Signal
22. Ltd. Rear Brake Light on Roof
23. ’72 Javelin Tail Lights
24. ’58 Buick Front Bumper
25. ’58 Buick Rear Back Up Lights
26. ’32 Chevy Rear Bumper
27. ’92 Chevy Electric Cooling Fan
28. Keyless Entry between the seats

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