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Identical Grand Nationals Found in Oklahoma After 30 Years!

Back in April of 2017, I wrote about this pair of like new Buick Grand Nationals that were discovered in the original owner’s garage. At that time, the pair had been listed for sale on Facebook with an asking price of $200k. Reader William had spotted the pair and let his friend Shawn know about them. Soon a deal was struck and Shawn became the new owner of sequential VIN Grand Nationals. We didn’t hear anything more after featuring the story, but guess what just showed up on eBay? The very same pair of Buicks and bidding has already hit $144k! You can take a look at them here on eBay in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

If you haven’t read the original story or need a quick refresher, here’s the short version. The original owner apparently decided they needed not one, but two Buick Grand Nationals in identical specs. They were even built at the same time and have sequential VIN numbers. They were driven sparingly, one has seen 834 miles and the other has covered just 592 miles, and then left in the garage for 30 years. After struggling to work a deal out for the pair, Shawn was finally able to make something work with the original owner. We never did find out how much he paid for the pair, but chances are it was an impressive amount of money.

And here we are not quite a year later. Both cars have been fully detailed, but have otherwise been left as found. William claims that they both run like new, but they will need a little work if you want them to be perfect. The tires are still the factory originals, the headliners are sagging and the bumper fillers need to be replaced. They felt it was best to preserve their originality though, as they could be the only completely original GNs left.

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