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This Core Sample From the Track at Indianapolis Motor Speedway Shows 108 Years of History

In its 108-year history, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway has been paved, repaved, and paved again in the ongoing pursuit of drivable road. Last week we were able to get firsthand look at exactly how much the track has been resurfaced, and all of the materials inside of it courtesy of one massive core sample. The sample was tweeted out on the speedway’s official Twitter account, and shows the core sample fresh out of the ground, with a photoshopped image alongside it detailing all of the contents – from the original creek gravel,…

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A situation like this definitely isn’t something that we would wish on anybody but it just so happens that the two tend to go hand in hand with a variety of different drivers pushing their cars past a certain limit and paying the price. There’s nothing that we can do but watch and wait as this old school Chevrolet gets launched hard off of the line doesn’t seem to really ever catch traction. However, that doesn’t stop the driver from attempting to get it down the track and that’s where…

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Watch a Jaguar Racer Nearly Wreck a $30 Million Ferrari 250 GTO

The Goodwood Revival, a historical racing event in England held every September, is known for its hardcore, all-out nature of its races. Drivers push their cars to the limit, despite the fact they’re often wheeling machines worth several million dollars. This Jaguar E-Type driver got a little too ambitious in his corner entry, and nearly wrecked a $30 million Ferrari 250 GTO. From the video, we can see the E-Type driver try to dive into the right-hander at a fairly quick pace. But, he’s carrying too much speed in his…

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Classic Ferrari 250 GTO set to become world’s most expensive car with £45 million price tag

classic Ferrari is expected to become the world’s most expensive car after it was put up for sale at £45 million. The 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO – one of the world’s most sought after classic cars – was the second to roll off its production line and is one of only 36 ever made. It was raced at Le Mans and Sebring and, despite being more than 50 years old, is capable of 0 to 60mph in around six seconds and a top speed of more than 170mph. The Ferrari has…

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V12 Detroit Diesel Powered Badass Rat Rod Hits the Road with Pure Charisma

There are lots of enthusiasts who spend so much time looking for awesomely designed and perfectly built rat rods and there are the ones who built rat rods own their own. The video we want to present you here demonstrates a badass rat rod hitting the road with all of its charisma. This amazingly cool machine is reported to be powered by a V12 Detroit diesel. Check out the video below and see this wonderful vehicle in action!

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The 5 Greatest Barn Finds Of All Time

Could there be anything better than uncovering a priceless classic sitting lost in your garage? 5.) The Million-Dollar Ferrari 166MM This 1949 V12 Ferrari was left in a back yard in Arizona fr 50 years before a Bay Area collector came across it and scooped it up back in 2007. It was valued at a cool $1 million. Suggested By: HammerheadFistpunch, Photo Credit: RM Auctions 4.) The Onassis Miura You have to be rich to buy a V12 Lamborghini back in the day, as Aristotle Onassis certainly was. You have…

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Fastest car in Britain’ is a grey 1967 VOLVO!

Popular among first-time drivers and mothers on the school run, Volvo has long been a favourite among motorists. And while the Swedish brand may have a holding with the average driver, few would consider it a thrill-seeker’s choice, much less the manufacturer of Britain’s fastest car. But that is exactly how daredevil Guy Martin has described his speedy run-around, after modifying a 1967 Vox Volvo estate to make what he claims to be the fastest car in the country. The 1967 Volvo Amazon was modified by Swedish supercar engineers to…

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