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The Ten Most Sexist Car Ads Of All Time

Different times mean different standards, but it’s still shocking to see how blatantly sexist the car industry’s ads were right up until the last two decades. Here are 10 of the most egregious examples sure to make you cringe. 10.) Hurst Dual Gate Transmission The message is clear here. Not only will your woman appreciate that you went for the automatic instead of the performance-oriented four-speed stick, you will also have a personal key that can prevent her from using the “competition gate.” Nice touch! Suggested By: For Sweden, Photo…

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Best Classic Cars Luxury Muscle Cars 

Auto sketches from Detroit’s golden era you were never meant to see

An upcoming documentary, “American Dreaming,” focuses on a crew of relatively unknown—at least by name—heroes of mid-century America, the car designers at swaggering American brands like General Motors, Chrysler, AMC, Studebaker, and Packard. These people were responsible for stunning feats of American mid-century modern design, finned Cadillacs, aggressive AMCs and clean Fords, as crucial to the creation of an American aesthetic as Frank Lloyd Wright houses or Bill Blass suits. But unlike the design sketches of architects or fashion designers, the early artwork of car designers was routinely destroyed by…

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The World’s Top 6 Most Expensive Abandoned Cars

Some years ago, I spotted a then-current Jaguar XJR in a car park underneath London’s Four Seasons Hotel, covered in a thick layer of dust. As it turns out, the car was on loan to the hotel from Jaguar themselves, who, once I’d told them about the state of the car, weren’t best pleased with the condition in which it had been kept. Each of the cars on this list were either forgotten (like the XJR), or purposefully ditched by their owners in potentially nefarious circumstances. We’ve excluded barn finds…

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Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah is where the Pontiac Bonneville got its inspiration. Located just in west of Great Salt Lake’s, it’s the home of many land speed records, many of these are still in hold today. Take a ride with me as we explore the car that characterized the very best the GM has to offer for 47 years. Learn more about the first automobiles to wear the nameplate and uncover the most precious, rare and collectible versions of the Pontiac Bonneville. First Bonneville’s General Motors division Pontiac used…

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Watch a Jaguar Racer Nearly Wreck a $30 Million Ferrari 250 GTO

The Goodwood Revival, a historical racing event in England held every September, is known for its hardcore, all-out nature of its races. Drivers push their cars to the limit, despite the fact they’re often wheeling machines worth several million dollars. This Jaguar E-Type driver got a little too ambitious in his corner entry, and nearly wrecked a $30 million Ferrari 250 GTO. From the video, we can see the E-Type driver try to dive into the right-hander at a fairly quick pace. But, he’s carrying too much speed in his…

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The Bugatti that lay at the bottom of a lake for 73 years – the playboy owner didn’t want to pay the tax bill

He didn’t want to pay the customs bill so he drove it over the Italian border to nearby Lake Maggiore — the customs officers pushed into the deep waters of the lake. The value of the car was less than the money owed and the customs officer was compelled to destroy it. writes: For the locals around Lake Maggiore on the Italian-Swiss border, the mythology surrounding the Bugatti in the Lake was well known. This particular 1925 Bugatti Type 22 Brescia Roadster used to belong to Golden Age of Grand…

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$4M should buy the most gorgeous Jaguar you’ll see today

In a few weeks, this striking 1955 Jaguar D-Type will be sold at auction for as little as $4,000,000. Such a price purchases more than just a beautiful antique automobile, but a piece of history. It’s history that separates your standard old Jaguar from an icon like this. And what a history it is. This 1955 Jaguar D-Type rolled out of the factory 59 years ago this February. It was one of only 54 ever produced for private customers, a vehicle built for sportsmen who wanted to dominate their local…

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Best Classic Cars European car Luxury Racing 

Classic Ferrari 250 GTO set to become world’s most expensive car with £45 million price tag

classic Ferrari is expected to become the world’s most expensive car after it was put up for sale at £45 million. The 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO – one of the world’s most sought after classic cars – was the second to roll off its production line and is one of only 36 ever made. It was raced at Le Mans and Sebring and, despite being more than 50 years old, is capable of 0 to 60mph in around six seconds and a top speed of more than 170mph. The Ferrari has…

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This Indian Maharaja Bought 7 Rolls Royce Cars And Used Them For Garbage Collection

Indian Maharajas are popular around the world for their filthy rich lifestyles. Now a dying breed, during the pre-independence era, Maharajas were people not to be messed with. And Rolls Royce, needless to say one of the world’s finest automobile companies, learned this the hard way. This is Maharaja Jai Singh of Alwar. Back in 1920, the Maharaja, on a vacation to England casually walked into a Rolls Royce showroom. Since he was dressed very casually and didn’t have his escorts around, the salesman took him to be an Indian…

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10 Underrated Retro Cars Now Skyrocketing In Value

The retro cars on this list are widely regarded as automotive icons. While they have always developed passion among enthusiasts, many of these legendary vehicles have been shunned by car collectors, auction houses and industry experts, who turned their eyes to more expensive machines. That trend is coming to an end. Here are ten retro cars that are suddenly cool again and are now worth a fortune. Lamborghini Countach The Countach is a mid-engined, V12 sports car manufactured by Lamborghini from 1974 to 1990. When it was officially unveiled, the angular…

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