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Barn Finds Best Classic Cars Muscle Cars 

America’s Abandoned Car Dealerships From low low prices to low low sales: at these abandoned new & used car dealerships, showroom traffic’s been reduced to a permanent state of gridlock. Pontiac hasn’t made or sold any vehicles since GM discontinued the historic brand five years ago; the iconic Indian Chief logo vanished from Pontiac products decades earlier. As such, McNamara Pontiac-Isuzu‘s magnificent neon sign is truly a blast from the past on multiple levels. This Orlando, Florida dealer has been closed and abandoned for some time now and the fate of its sign is in jeopardy. If Chief Pontiac could…

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Best Classic Cars Luxury Muscle Cars 

10 Cool Classic Cars That Are Perfect for a Collector on a Budget

No matter how you look at it, the collector car hobby is not a cheap one. On top of the purchase price of the car itself, you have registration, insurance, maintenance, fuel, and storage to consider. Fortunately, owning a classic is not just a hobby for the rich. There are plenty of great vintage cars and trucks available for those of us on a budget. Just because you don’t have $50,000 to spend doesn’t mean you can’t afford a cool classic car that doesn’t look cheap. With a little searching,…

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Barn Finds Best Muscle Cars 

‘Barn find’ condition 2009 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 found in storage unit up for auction

This find would definitely win on an episode of “Storage Wars.” If not for what it’s worth, then in a race out of the parking lot. The buyers of an abandoned storage unit hit the jackpot when they found a hardly driven 2009 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 inside of it. The black coupe was covered in brown dust, but only had 720 miles on the odometer and all of its original parts. Autoblog reports that it’s now being auctioned on Ebay. There was no paperwork with it, but its new owners say they ran…

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Best Classic Cars Luxury Muscle Cars Stories 

Man Buys An Old ‘Walmart’ Store To House His Car Collection

No one associates Walmart with quality car parts. Of course, you can buy coolant and headlight bulbs there for cheap, however, this store is definitely not frequented for its high quality automotive selection. One very passionate gearhead tends to change that though, at least in Florida. Apparently, this passionate gearhead bought an entire old Walmart in order to house his massive car collection there. He decided to store his massive car collection consisted of over 200 vehicles and showcase them there for the public to see. You can see all of the cars in the…

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The Million Mile Truck

One thing that most people are concerned about when they head out to buy a vehicle is longevity. Sometimes, folks shoot to trade in their vehicles every couple of years but I would also say that a vast amount of people who buy their vehicles purchase them for a good amount of time, trying to hang on to them for as long as they possibly can. The idea here is to hang on to the car for as long as possible, really stretching out the initial investment and only getting rid…

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Best Muscle Cars 

Most Honest Viper Craigslist Ad Ever

Okay. Full disclosure. I almost killed myself in it. It is VERY powerful. Extremely, EXTREMELY fast. I’ve driven Ferrari’s that don’t feel as crazy as this thing. I am frankly afraid of it now. That’s right. It’s in my garage and I’m afraid to drive it because it’s like a crazy steroid bull that wants to kill me. I’ve done 130 mph on a Ducati while laughing into the face of death. The viperis a completely different bowl of crack. The engine sounds like 40 pit bulls eating kittens while…

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Best Classic Cars 

Dozens of sports cars worth millions found in public garage, but where is it?

This mystery has been solved. This parking garage is located in Memphis, Tennessee. Portrait photographer and Redditor Phil Sebbens was poking around in an office building parking deck when he came across this surprising find. On the top floor, Phil discovered over two dozen dusty classic and high performance sports cars that are worth millions of dollars combined. Among the several rarities found include a couple of Ferrari Speciales, Lamborghinis and even a mint-looking 1958 Chevrolet Impala. This lone hot rod has flames. According to the post, the building has…

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Barn Finds Best 

Famous ‘Twin’ Buick Grand Nationals up for auction on Ebay

The world’s most famous pair of Buick Grand National muscle cars are being auctioned on Ebay. Known among automotive enthusiasts as “The Twins,” the cars surfaced for sale on Facebook last spring after sitting unused next to each other in a garage for years.  (William Avila) The cars wear sequential VINs and have reportedly been rogether they came off the production line in September 1987.  (William Avila) One has 834 miles on its odometer, and the other just 592. They’re both 100 percent original and in great shape, aside from saggy headliners.  (William…

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Barn Finds Best 

Identical Grand Nationals Found in Oklahoma After 30 Years!

Back in April of 2017, I wrote about this pair of like new Buick Grand Nationals that were discovered in the original owner’s garage. At that time, the pair had been listed for sale on Facebook with an asking price of $200k. Reader William had spotted the pair and let his friend Shawn know about them. Soon a deal was struck and Shawn became the new owner of sequential VIN Grand Nationals. We didn’t hear anything more after featuring the story, but guess what just showed up on eBay? The very same pair of…

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Barn Finds Best Classic Cars European car 


Only 1,404 examples of Toyota’s first passenger car, the Toyoda Model AA, were built in the six years of production from 1936 to 1942. Until recently it was thought that none of these cars had survived to this day. Even Toyota itself had been forced to fabricate a ground-up replica of the Model AA because an original example could not be found to exhibit at the Toyota Automobile Museum in Japan. So when news of a 1936 car, one of only 100 units built in the very first year of…

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