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Bentley’s Vision For What Its GT Cars Will Look Like 35 Years From Now

This is the Bentley exp 100 GT it’s an electric self-driving concept car that shows Bentley’s vision for what its GT cars will look like 35 years from now and it’s also the company’s 100th birthday present to itself.
This car is designed to be sustainable high-performance and fun to drive it’s all-electric its autonomous when you want it to be and it also features some very interesting concepts behind bio-metrics and artificial intelligence.
Let’s admire the design: it is very striking, it’s all lightweight aluminium and carbon fiber and it’s surprisingly large – nearly 6 meters long and 2.4 meters wide, so it’s considerably bigger than even a Range Rover, but it disguises its dimensions well because of the sleep proportions and because of the impressive details throughout.
It’s hard to describe this beauty, so better take a look:

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