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America’s Abandoned Car Dealerships

From low low prices to low low sales: at these abandoned new & used car dealerships, showroom traffic’s been reduced to a permanent state of gridlock.

McNamara Pontiac trade-ins lot, Colonial Ave, Orlando Sep 2009

Pontiac hasn’t made or sold any vehicles since GM discontinued the historic brand five years ago; the iconic Indian Chief logo vanished from Pontiac products decades earlier. As such, McNamara Pontiac-Isuzu‘s magnificent neon sign is truly a blast from the past on multiple levels. This Orlando, Florida dealer has been closed and abandoned for some time now and the fate of its sign is in jeopardy. If Chief Pontiac could shed a tear, he surely would.

Lost Kees

abandoned car dealers 11a

On September 20th of 2003, Flickr user Onasill ~ Bill Badzovisited this strikingly lonely abandoned car dealer and service center in Brookhaven, Mississippi. We’re guessing he didn’t receive the expected level of service.

abandoned car dealers 11b

abandoned car dealers 11c

Dig that ornate filigree trim just a-rusting away in the salty Gulf Coast breeze! Though Kees Motor Co. would appear to be as deserted as the day is long, peeking through the front window appear to be an American flag, office furniture and the headlights of a mid-1960s vintage vehicle.

Mission Not Accomplished

abandoned car dealers 2

Signage of any kind is sorely lacking at this abandoned used car dealership in San Francisco’s Mission district, unless one counts the mystifying image gazing out from the front facade’s central window. Kudos to Nik Daum for capturing this carefree yet car-less scene sometime during the summer of 2010.

Citation Not Needed

abandoned car dealers 3e

abandoned car dealers 3f

abandoned car dealers 3c

Citation Motors of Oakville, Ontario, closed in 1988 for reasons that remain unclear: some say it had its concession license revoked while others point to the fact that BMW was reducing its dealer network at that time. Perhaps hoping he’d someday be allowed to sell Bimmers again, the owner has kept the “ghost” dealership (and at least a few unsold period BMWs) in reasonable, “frozen in time” condition.

abandoned car dealers 3a

abandoned car dealers 3b

abandoned car dealers 3d

abandoned car dealers 3g

When contacted recently by a reporter from Jalopnik, the owner merely stated “you have to be crazy about cars, like you and I, to enjoy owning a place like this.” Crazy… like a fox!

abandoned car dealers 4a

abandoned car dealers 4b

Flickr user Ed Schipul (eschipul) brings us the eerily abandoned Ernie Guzman GMC-Pontiac dealership in Houston which, according to Schipul, “disappeared on March 6, 2009 without explanation.” Ernie too, presumably. Four months later, the ex-dealership sports a modicum of graffiti but the showroom’s expansive picture windows are (or were) still intact.

Not Getting Any Kicks

abandoned car dealers 10

This slightly ominous image of an abandoned used car dealer in Tulsa, Oklahoma comes to us via Robert Mars’ Ghosts Of The Great Highway site. That highway would be Route 66, of course, where you’ll find an abundance of abandoned gas stations, motels, car dealerships and other auto-related businesses that withered and died once historic Route 66 was supplanted by modern interstate highways.


Can’t Afford A Ford?

abandoned car dealers 7b

Flickr user MJBarnes snapped the abandoned and rapidly deteriorating Family Auto of Manchester on a sunny late August day in 2013. The only families shopping for cars there now are zombie families.

abandoned car dealers 7f

abandoned car dealers 7e

abandoned car dealers 7c

“From what we could find in our research,” states Sean L of Abandoned Wonders“the place was not very well liked by its customers. We found one scathing review on Google Plus condemning the dealership for its unprofessionalism, poor service, and disrespect for its female customers.” So, car dealer finds karma.

abandoned car dealers 7a

abandoned car dealers 7d

“We Finance Everyone! Everyone!” states the faded ad copy on the front windows. Well, that’s their problem right there.

abandoned car dealers 8b

abandoned car dealers 8c

Flickr user MA1216 captured this curious conjunction of architecture on September 19th, 2013, and used a modicum of photo-processing tricks & hacks to bring out the scenes’ essential beauty and timeless atmosphere.


abandoned car dealers 9a

Photographed in 2009 by Carlos Spottorno of Cronica21, the above former Spanish car dealership has been abandoned “for a long time” along with several of its unsold mobile wares. No telling if one of them’s a Chevy NoVa.

Thanks, Obama

abandoned car dealers 12

Flickr user Joseph Hoehn captured this silent yet still shrill abandoned auto dealer in Laconia, New Hampshire on August 15th of 2010. Amazing how it took the Obama Administration a mere year & a half to drive this formerly thriving car dealership into the ground. Speed kills?

Circle Of Life

abandoned car dealers 5a

abandoned car dealers 5b

The former Circle Bar-B-Q on Baltimore’s Dundalk Ave opened in 1947 and its signage featured a huge, rotating hamburger on a 30-ft tall pole. Sometime after the owner sold the place in the late 1990s it re-opened as an ice cream parlor and then, in 2008, became a used car and truck dealership. The depths of the Subprime Recession wasn’t an economically opportune era, however, and today the Circle Auto Center is toast.

Via Weburbanist


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