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5 Cars Found in River…Corvette Stingray, Pontiac Grand Am GT…

On this episode of Adventures with Purpose, our intention was to hit a fun 100′ dive in Oregon City.

Along the way, we turned the side-scan sonar on at a boat that looked super sketchy. It didn’t take more than a few minutes to identify at least 3 cars underwater.

We first found a Mercury Cougar 30′ feet underwater. Thought for sure there would be a second car next to it, and maybe there still is, but the water was super murky.

Then we found the motherload of cars in the river… Favorite car found underwater was the Yellow Corvette. Possibly a Corvette Stingray?? For today’s car lift, we focused on the Pontiac Grand Am GT which was upside down and easy to hook the frame with our scuba salvage lift bags.

Often asked why the cars are in the river. Stolen Cars that are dumped underwater in the river… Or… People often commit insurance fraud by reporting their car stolen, and then dump it in the river themselves.

Thank goodness I had the Bixpy SwimJet with me since the boat kept moving further from the cars underwater in the river.

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