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1969 Plymouth Road Runner Commercial Motor Trends Car of the Year

In this day and age, it might seem like most measures of advertising are refined and watered down versions of what car companies could really head out there and accomplish with an aggressive vision, but back in the 60s and 70s, there wasn’t really a path for the companies to take when it came to ads on television, so things got creative. This time, we let nostalgia make its way to the pages of Speed Society as we check out a Motor Trend Car of the Year announcement advertisement as the 1969 Plymouth Road…

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Why the Ford Flathead V8 Succeeded, and Why It Had to Die

The Ford Flathead V8 wasn’t the first V8, but when it debuted in the 1932 Model 18, it brought this brilliant engine configuration to the American masses. With a simple design featuring a flat cylinder head (hence the name) that placed intake and exhaust valves next to the cylinder, this V8 was incredibly cheap to mass produce. And it was this same cylinder head design that forced it out of production in 1953. Using a 3D-printed model of a Flathead V8, Engineering Explained’s Jason Fenske goes through why this engine was perfect for its…

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