Why Pushrod Engines Have a Low Redline

Pushrod engines are great for a lot of reasons. They’re compact, they’re simple, and if done right, they sound good. But one drawback of the pushrod design is that it can’t rev as high as a comparable overhead-cam engine. Pushrod engines are unique in that the camshaft is inside the cylinder block—not on top in the cylinder head. This makes engine height shorter, allowing for a more compact design. The downside is that the camshaft rotation has to travel through a pushrod and a rocker arm, which pushes a spring down…

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Best Classic Cars 

The One-And-Only 1937 Сhris Craft Motorhome

Named ‘The Zeppelin Roadliner’ by the famed customiser Art Himsl, this unusual vehicle is one he bought in the 1960’s. With its aluminium framing which was originally covered with a ‘Grade A’ linen aircraft fabric skin, it started out life as a prototype house car built by a mechanic at a Chris Craft boat dealership in San Francisco and was registered in 1942 as a Plymouth house car. Today the immaculately presented Zeppelin boasts a 350cubic inch V8 Chevy engine, push button automatic transmission, air-ride suspension, a refrigerator, microwave oven…

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