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Identical Grand Nationals Found in Oklahoma After 30 Years!

Back in April of 2017, I wrote about this pair of like new Buick Grand Nationals that were discovered in the original owner’s garage. At that time, the pair had been listed for sale on Facebook with an asking price of $200k. Reader William had spotted the pair and let his friend Shawn know about them. Soon a deal was struck and Shawn became the new owner of sequential VIN Grand Nationals. We didn’t hear anything more after featuring the story, but guess what just showed up on eBay? The very same pair of…

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Only 1,404 examples of Toyota’s first passenger car, the Toyoda Model AA, were built in the six years of production from 1936 to 1942. Until recently it was thought that none of these cars had survived to this day. Even Toyota itself had been forced to fabricate a ground-up replica of the Model AA because an original example could not be found to exhibit at the Toyota Automobile Museum in Japan. So when news of a 1936 car, one of only 100 units built in the very first year of…

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Best Classic Cars European car 

Record-Breaking Mercedes-Benz 200 D With 2.9 Million miles!

There are many records that have been set over the years and even though it might seem that much such speed record are going to be improved in the future, but the one we see here is extremely insane. People say that in the past cars were used to be made in a more robust and durable way, thus meaning that you can drive your car for many miles and not worry about anything. Yes, even though they might not have been extremely fast, they had something else to offer.…

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Ghost Dealership: Abandoned Subaru Ghost Car Showroom

Sometimes you cannot find logic on why would a business abandon a lot of brand new unsold cars on their showroom floor. It does not make financial sense to close the doors to the car dealership until every last vehicle has been sold. As you can tell by the title this isn’t always the case and for various reasons some car dealerships close down with brand new cars still siting in the showrooms and some of those will eventually become rare classic cars with close to zero miles. This time capsule Subaru…

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Turbocharger Vs. Supercharger: What’s the Difference, Anyway?

It’s the eternal question in the tuner world: Turbo or supercharger? Each has its benefits and drawbacks—and this new video helps take away the mystery. As Jason Fenske of Engineering Explained tells us, both forms of forced induction have their advantages and disadvantages. It’s up to you to decide which suits your car best. Turbochargers are great because they turn exhaust gas that would otherwise be wasted into power. They allow small engines to make big power, and provide a swell of torque a naturally aspirated engine wouldn’t otherwise have. Superchargers, on…

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Guy Who Sees Two Cars For Sale On Facebook Realizes He Hit The Jackpot

According to the story on the Barnfinds website, this pair of Buick Grand Nationals was purchased new in 1987 and almost immediately parked in the owners garage. After nearly 30 years, the eccentric owner decided it was time to sell the cars, so he posted them on Facebook for $200,000. While the price kept tire kickers at bay, the story itself drew the attention of Grand National fanatic William and his buddy Shawn, who actually had the cash to make the purchase. The owner required some ridiculous hoop-jumping for the…

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Could This Be The Greatest Barn Find Ever?

Our friend Tom Cotter has the enviable chore of walking into dilapidated barns and rural homesteads seeking out long-lost barn finds. Recently, his travels took him somewhere not far off the beaten path – still pretty much on the path, in fact – to an abandoned home in an upscale North Carolina neighborhood. In a rough garage next to the condemned house was the find of a lifetime! I’ve been following Tom’s work on The Barn Find Hunter ever since it started, and it’s gratifying to see him come upon a collection like…

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